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  • 4 Senses by Stephanie Christensen (10-12 min, 1M) Dramatic


    Alexander Vassenberg is a renowned chef who works in a French restaurant in Brussels. However, he is unique in his profession because he cannot see. A blind chef, he shares his passion for the culinary arts as he leads guests on a tour through the restaurant where he works. As he introduces them into his world, he is forced to resurface some of the trauma and pain of his own past and recognize that healing is a long, brave process.

  • A Step by Step Script Preview

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Dating Someone You Met on the Internet by Stephanie Christensen (10-12 min, F or F/F) Humorous


    In our world of constant internet, many long-lasting couples are starting to meet online. Julie, a 22-year-old living at home with her mother, is a previously closeted girl who likes girls. She has just started to feel comfortable in the LGBTQ community but finds dating in real life difficult. As a solution, she takes the plunge into virtual romance, trying to curate the perfect first-date. Follow along as she writes her step-by-step dating guide for online dating in the LGBTQ community and meets someone she sincerely likes: Sabrina. Seeking acceptance, Julie learns to be brave both in the dating sphere and at home.

  • A Zero’s Journey

    A Zero’s Journey, by Matt Mills (10-12 min., Cut as needed, M or F) Humorous


    Christopher Reeve once wisely stated, “A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt or not always know the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway, and fixes roofs with patches of mud.” Okay, he didn’t say that last part, but it describes one special boy who knew too little to be scared. Heir to his father’s mudding business, James was born a zero, but when his father suddenly falls very ill, he must find a way to become his savior. James ventures into the world, facing horrid beasts and suspicious characters, hoping to unlock the treasures that can cure his father and elevate James from zero to hero.

  • Act II Scene II by Kindra Campbell (7-10 min. Cut as needed M or F) Humorous


    A director faces the most difficult challenges of the trade as the show is set to open in under twenty hours and the actors are not yet ready. As various character enters the scene, the audience is shown the director’s reactions to each of as they only seem to complicate matters.

  • Aw Nuts! by Abram Sand (10-12 min) Humorous


    A boy tries to get rid of peanut allergy after falling head over heels in love for a peanut fanatic. Along the way he meets a hippy shopkeeper obsessed with “herbal remedies,” an old witch who practices, “Legume Voodoo,” and even the ghost of George Washington Carver himself. In the end he discovers that this newfound love might not be all it’s cracked up to be. This also could be performed as a Duo.

  • Bailey by Ed Vela (10-12 min. Cut as needed, M or F) Dramatic


    Bailey was born for one purpose and one purpose only, to save a crumbling marriage.

  • Beauty Sleep by Meghan C. Hakes (10-12 min. Cut as needed, F) Humorous


    What happens after the fairytale ends? Some ride off into the sunset, some live happily ever after, but for Sleeping Beauty it’s a different story.

  • Breaking Up Texting Style by Ed Vela (8-10 min, Cut as needed, 1F) Humorous


    Zanetta is the type of girl that is well acquainted with boyfriends and breakups, but has trouble coping with the more tech savvy world of relationships as she struggles with her latest BF’s rejection in this hilarious monologue that shows a wide emotional range for the actress and offers an alternate ending. Props may be used or pantomimed by the performer.

  • Cache Dash

    Cache-Dash by Abram Sand (9-12 min.,1M) Humorous


    Welcome to the GeoCache Bash, the worlds biggest geocaching competition. In this 9-12 minute humorous interpretation, duet, or readers theatre a young boy Tommy is taken under the wing of, “professional,” geocacher, Clement McPines, and learns a more than a few things about the geocache lifestyle. Along the way hallucinogenic slugs are licked, fish are talked too, and not everyone is who they appear to be…

  • Cardboard Signs by Linda Kao (7-10 min. Cut as needed, F) Dramatic


    You never realize how far you can fall until the drop begins. In this monologue, the young narrator struggles to decide what to write on the sign she will hold as she begs. How much truth do you tell? She recounts the changes in her life that made leaving home the only answer. In spite of her circumstances, she remains strong, uncertain of the future but ready to face tomorrow.


    CATFISH! by Abram Sand (10-12 min.), F, Humorous


    Ruthie is in love with a man from… the internet? This humorous piece follows best friends Tierra and Ruthie as they travel to New Orleans to finally meet Ruthie’s online sweetheart, but they find out that not everyone on the web is who- or what- they say they are. Hmm, at least there’s other fish in the sea! This piece can be performed as a humorous, duet, or readers theater.

  • Chains by Stephanie Christensen(12-15 min) Dramatic


    The United States currently has the second highest incarceration rate in the world. Each day U.S. prisons get fuller. A huge contributor to this high incarceration rate is the stringent laws against drug possession. Centering around Alexandra Drake, an up-and-coming novel writer, this Dramatic explores the United States justice system and how its merciless policies create the prison system we see today. With the story of Alexandra Drake, the stereotypical image of a “criminal” gets painted in a unique, more personal, and more tragic light.

  • Collarbone by Stephanie Christensen (12-15 min) Dramatic


    Rosanella Moretti grew up with a love of food, especially because of its strong connection to her Italian roots. But with the words of her older brother haunting her, Rosanella shuns her own skin and develops an eating disorder. She diminishes her own self-worth to the visibility of her collarbones. This Dramatic explores the impact that words can have on someone, especially words coming from family. Full of honesty, this script demonstrates how bullying can double down on one’s negative self-perceptions, and exposes the pressures that the world puts on women to be skinny, even at a young age.

  • Cutters by Meghan C. Hakes (12-15 min. Cut as needed) Dramatic


    This intense drama, was originally a readers theater, however it would make an excellent dramatic. The characters bring the audience into the very thoughts and feelings of those who cut themselves. Their reasons may vary, but their pain is the same. A script best suited for mature actors and audiences, please use discretion.

  • Dating Dilemma’s by Marla Crowe (15-20 min. Cut as needed, M or F) Humorous


    This hilarious humorous, originally a readers theater depicts today’s “new” dating technique, speed dating in an extreme fashion. If offers creative opportunities for those actors and actresses that do well with characters that need to be played to the utmost.

  • Delaila by Meghan C. Hakes (10-12 min. Cut as needed, F)Dramatic


    Bearing the marks of a childhood trauma, we follow Delaila as she battles the demons of multiple personality disorder in her adult life. She comes home to find her husband has cheated on her, on their anniversary, with her co-worker, and playing on the radio is a song that brings back terrible memories for her. Great for the actress who can capture several personalities.