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  • The Class Reunion by Stephanie Christensen (12-15 min. Cut as Needed) 7, M or F, HI


    Were you ever the outcast of the high school “scene”? Have you ever been forced to go to a class reunion that you know will go so terribly wrong? Jonathan Dunsky finds himself dealing with exactly that, attending a 15 year reunion dance that drudges up more awkward memories than he would like to remember. Yearning all his life for a place to belong and friends to trust, Jonathan must face the challenges of looking his past straight in the eye, in order to move on. However, he finds that this 15 year class reunion is even wackier than he could ever imagine. To his surprise, a place to belong could lie in the hands of the crazy weird kid Gilbert. When the two outcasts meet, Jonathan finds that they’re not so different after all.

  • The Night Before by Stephanie Christensen (10-12 Min) Humorous


    Younger siblings can lead to all sorts of messes. Sally- the younger sister of recently engaged Sandra- is infamous for her history of scatterbrained buffoonery, but her sister Sandra extends her trust to her anyways. A story of sisterly love, attempted redemption, and a ridiculous bachelorette party: The Night Before exemplifies the bond of “family first”. A script best suited for a mature performer and audience.

  • The Normal One (10-12 min. Cut as needed, F) Dramatic


    Annie is a normal teenage girl, but “normal” is the last word anyone would use to describe her brother Elliot. This dramatic monologue peeks into the joy, love, anger, and fear that go along with having a sibling with special needs.

  • The Prayer by Amanda Sloan (10-12 min Cut as needed) F, Dramatic


    Being raised in the church Sally always found comfort in her faith. Church and God were the center of her life. However when she is faced with a horrific tragedy she finds herself facing more questions than comfort and must find a way to overcome the grief and pain.

  • The Problem with Girls by Tim Mogford (10-12 min. Cut as needed 1M) Humorous


    Do you know something I don’t get? Girls. I don’t get girls. I’m not dumb, I mean fractions didn’t throw me at all and I can count to ten in three completely different languages, so I’m not an idiot. Is what I’m saying. But I feel like an idiot when it comes to girls. Like, pretty much all the time. It’s not just that they seem to know stuff my friends and me don’t. Stuff about – I don’t know, feelings and what you’re supposed to do in life. And it’s not that they’re all taller than me. I mean they were, not that long ago. Taller, and louder. And a bit scary, actually.

  • The Super Rangers by Stephen Mizell (10-12 min Cut as needed) M, Dramatic


    Billy loves games, toys, and his twin brother. They are inseparable, and their favorite game is Super Rangers. But today, the game does not go as planned and their lives are changed forever. A wonderful script for someone who can capture the spirit of childhood.

  • The Wrong Kind of Nightmare by Pamela Love (10-12 min. Cut as needed. M or F) Dramatic


    After witnessing the death of a baby, the speaker has spent a year mentally reliving the accident. But whose fault was it? Just out of mind’s reach lies a vital clue. In this dramatic monologue, filled with anger, grief, and finally shock, mysterious dreams hold the key to what really happened.

  • The Zombies from Webster Street by Kevin Paris (10-12 min Cut as needed) M or F, Dramatic


    A young fan of a popular television series compares the trials and tribulations of the show’s characters to circumstances in their actual life. Living in a seemingly once perfect neighborhood, the young fan finds that they must combat “Zombies” of their own. The line between reality and fantasy begin to fade as the world they once knew begins to crumble. Can you survive the end of the world? It’s a question that arises and that they ultimately find answered.

  • Things Changed by Linda Oatman(10-12 min. Cut as Needed. M) High-Poem


    Things Changed is a poetic recitation of the lynchings which occurred in the 1950s. Recalling the events that led up to a tragedy that repeated itself much too often throughout America’s history, the poem reflects upon the changes brought to the Civil Rights movement in the past half of a century.

  • Trips to Wal-mart by Debbie Cavanaugh (10-12 min. Cut as needed, F) Dramatic


    This dramatic yet humorous monologue is the story of a girl who must face her family duty of helping her Grandmother.

  • Wild Things by Dee Cliburn (7-10 min, F) Dramatic


    Angel, short for Angelina Margaret, is a teenager whose life has moved too fast, with a fisherman father who is gone, now — took her little brother with him. “You can’t have ’em both, was what he yelled when he took Joey and left.” What’s the use of a girl?

  • Yellow Birch by Stephanie Christensen (12-15 min) Duo Interpretation


    Ellie is a stressed single mom and oncologist living in the year 2098. It is a year of environmental turmoil, with unbelievable toxicity in the air and staggering repercussions from decades of pollution. When her partner finds a prospective cure for leukemia, she is overjoyed, thinking it will save her daughter Lily. But upon learning that the cure would require chopping down thousands of birch trees, she must make a decision between the future of her family and the future of the country.