A Face is Just A Face by Stephanie Christensen (10-12 min. Cut as needed) M/F Dramatic 8.00

As online sources spread infinite information, the distortion of truth has grown to be a powerful threat to modern society. The creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and “DeepFake” editing/distortionary videography can put any person at risk of fraud and conspiracy. In this dramatic interp, the protagonist falls into a life-threatening situation of distorted truth when they discover that their monopolistic AI tech company is harvesting individuals’ data. After threatening to alert the authorities, the protagonist ends up in prison for a crime they did not commit. While the audience listens to the protagonist’s epic recollection of events, they are left to feel eerie about the dangers of advancing technology. This Black Mirror-like DI is for you if you love telling a unique story that has the audience on the edge of their seats.

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