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  • Wild Things by Dee Cliburn (7-10 min, F) Dramatic


    Angel, short for Angelina Margaret, is a teenager whose life has moved too fast, with a fisherman father who is gone, now — took her little brother with him. “You can’t have ’em both, was what he yelled when he took Joey and left.” What’s the use of a girl?

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  • Yellow Birch by Stephanie Christensen (12-15 min) Duo Interpretation


    Ellie is a stressed single mom and oncologist living in the year 2098. It is a year of environmental turmoil, with unbelievable toxicity in the air and staggering repercussions from decades of pollution. When her partner finds a prospective cure for leukemia, she is overjoyed, thinking it will save her daughter Lily. But upon learning that the cure would require chopping down thousands of birch trees, she must make a decision between the future of her family and the future of the country.

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