Swim or Drown: Two High School BFFs by Stephanie Christensen. (10-12 min., Cut as needed. FF Duo or HI), Humorous

High school can be the trickiest time of an adolescent’s life, between role identity, social status, maintaining good grades, and many other obstacles. While all teens face this tumultuous period, not everyone’s high school experience is equivalent in difficulty. This FF duo follows Jess and Lizzy, two high school best friends, tackling a crisis together: Jess’s first “real job” interview. When Lizzy finds out about Jess’s goal to become a Santa Monica lifeguard, she devises the most absurd mock interview scenarios possible to prepare Jess for any challenge. Through this heartwarming glimpse into these BFFs’ lives, the audience sees the true value of loyal, golden I’ll-do-anything-for-you friendship. And we are also poignantly reminded that you never know what’s going on in a person’s, or adolescent’s, home life until you take the time to ask.

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