First Responder by Stephanie Christensen (10-12 min., Cut as needed, F, Dramatic)

Emergency health professionals work on the frontlines of care to make split-second decisions every day. These medical employees must have courage, kindness, and adrenaline-fueled good intentions. But no person is perfect, and as humans, we all face moments of mistakes or lapsed judgments in our careers. Dolly, a first responder EMT, is one of only a few rural healthcare workers in her small town of Etowah, Tennessee. Despite significant training and passion for medicine, Dolly makes a mistake in the field and is forced to grapple with the significance of her error. As a first responder, her slips can cost other people their chances of recovery. So is it worth trying? Should Dolly dust herself off and continue to fight for public health and safety, knowing she might sometimes lose? Or is first responder work just too grueling?

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